Although football season is winding down, LOUDMOUTHGUARDS is gearing up!

LOUDMOUTHGUARD on Denver Broncos Running Back Ronnie Hillman featured on bleacherreport

LOUDMOUTHGUARDS is steadily growing its brand and gaining national exposure. In particular, we appreciate the shout outs and positive feedback we have received from our fans on social media and the increasing popularity of LOUDMOUTHGUARDS by various NFL players around the country.

Ronnie Hillman, a Denver Broncos running back, has been sporting several of our latest designs including the Vampire Fangs,  Camo, and Classic.  His Shark Teeth orange mouth guard got a impromptu feature on Sunday Night Football, spurring Al Michaels to comment, “Every kid in Denver is gonna have one of those."  

In addition, Keenan Allen of the San Diego Chargers has been spotted rocking the blue Vampire Fangs and yellow Vampire Fangs. Bruce Ellington, wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, proudly showed off his red and black Vampire Fangs LOUDMOUTHGUARDS. They are just a few of many others in the league who believe in the LOUDMOUTHGUARD brand.

Witnessing NFL players display LOUDMOUTHGUARDS as their top pick for mouth and lip protection has been incredibly exciting. It constantly reminds us why we started this company – to allow sports players to express their individuality while doing something they love.

Let's hear from you! If you were a player in the NFL, which LOUDMOUTHGUARD would you choose to wear?  Let us know in the comments below!