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Malik Harrison with the Vampire Fangs!

Malik Harrison

Player Spotlight: Malik Harrison, Baltimore Ravens

Featured Mouth Guards: Malik Harrison’s mouth guard in a game was the Vampire Fangs ( Purple)


Ohio native, Malik Harrison is a rookie of the Baltimore Ravens. He plays for the position of Linebacker. However, he had tried in various other positions such as safety, Linebacker, running back, wide receiver, and quarterback during his high school years, making him a very versatile player.


Humble Beginnings


Malik Harrison was born on March 5, 1998, in Columbus, Ohio. He went to Ridge High School where he played basketball and football. He finished his high school senior year tallying a record of 40 tackles, 5 sacks, 8 touchdowns, and 1,161 yards.


University Career


After his high school senior year, Harrison committed to play for Ohio State University. He played in 12 games during his freshman season. The following year, he participated in 14 of the team’s games and logged two sacks and 36 tackles.


He officially became a starter during his junior year. He was among the first in his team with 8.5 tackles for loss and 81 tackles. He was also given an honorable mention in the All-Big Ten Conference.


In several games, Malik Harrison’s mouthguard was usually the Vampire Fangs in the color red, which matched his team’s jersey uniform very well.



NFL Draft


Harrison is the second player that the Baltimore Ravens have chosen from Ohio State during the 2020 NFL Draft. Ravens’ general Manager Eric Costa noted that Harrison is different because he is a big guy but plays the Linebacker position. This is something very rare because most linebackers have a more slender build.


He also added that Harrison has shown that he is fast in the field and with the combination of his speed and size, he is bound to shine in both outside and inside Linebacker. Harrison will be playing his former university teammate, running back J.K Dobbins, in the Baltimore Ravens.


Harrison signed a 4 year deal with the Ravens in July 2020. The total contract price is said to be worth around $4.3 million. He is expected to earn around $818,073 in 2020.