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LOUDMOUTHGUARDS founders KG + D met in San Diego in 2011. The two former standout star athletes share a passion for sports and business.  In the fall of 2014 they launched LOUDMOUTHGUARDS in a grassroots campaign to provide young athletes + footballers with a different kind of mouthguard.  A mouth guard that provided the same level of protection as the top brands in the market but was also cool, fun, different and provided an athlete a vehicle to express themselves on the playing field.

LOUDMOUTHGUARDS have been operating our online store for about 1 year + recently started selling our mouth guards at a variety of retail stores on the East Coast.  We regularly attend youth football tournaments around the country and are excited to see young players embracing our LOUDMOUTHGUARDS!  Send us your selfies! We would love to hear from our customers!  We welcome questions + suggestions on how to improve our LOUDMOUTHGUARDS.  Stay tuned for new releases and groundbreaking new styles coming soon! Thank you for supporting LOUDMOUTHGUARDS!

email : info@loudmouthguards.com
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We are in search of the top national youth football, lacrosse, ice hockey, & field hockey tournaments in the United States.

We are looking for the biggest ( 1,500+ athletes ) and the best!!! If you have attended or know of a tournament in your area we would sincerely appreciate it if you would let us know about it. Please shoot us an email to: info@loudmouthguards.com with the subject heading "National Tournaments". Please include any and all information that you may have about the tournament i.e. website url, contact information of the organizer, tournament location, tournament dates, etc.

Your help is extremely appreciated and your efforts will not go unrewarded. If your email leads us to a tournament that we attend we will send you a LOUDMOUTHGUARDS gift bag littered with an assortment of cool styles & colors of LOUDMOUTHGUARDS.